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Chapter 4
A Whole Day in Paradise?

" Mmm... " I mumbled. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. " Huh? " I felt a chill on the back of

my neck. I turned to face... Onii-chan!! My face turned red. He looks so adorable when he

is sleeping. I closed my eyes and slowly leaned in. I pecked him on the cheek. " hmmm? "

Naruto mumbled. I was startled. I jumped up and fell off the bed. " Gahh! " I landed on my

ass. Naruto got up and rubbed his eyes. " Hmm, Hinata. What are you doing on the floor? "

He asked. " N-Nothing... Haha Im going to make breakfast.... Hehehe " I awkwardly laughed.

Naruto gave me a stupid expression. " Well, I have an awesome day planned so Im making

breakfast. You get ready. " Naruto mumbled. I smiled and went in my room to change. After

changing I went downstairs to eat breakfast. " Hinata, Eat up. We are leaving in a few

minutes. " Onii-chan said. " Where are we going? " I asked scarfing down bacon.  " Its a

surprise " He mumbled. After eating, I put on my a cute outfit and went downstairs. Onii-

chan stood speechless. " You look.... so..... cute!! I could just eat you... " Onii-chan

squealed and pinched my cheeks. " You always treat me like a child... " I mumbled. I acted

as I was mature but... my heart was racing!! Onii-chan looked at me with intense eyes. "

No really... Hinata you look pretty today. " He whispered. My heart was about to jump out

of my chest. " T-Thank you. Onii-chan. " I mumbled. He took my hand and dragged me into

the car. " Lets go! " He yelled as he drove away. " Could you at least give me a hint to

where we are going. " I asked. " Someplace we always used to go.... " Onii-chan mumbled.

He stopped and paused. " Im not sure you remember... but there... I saved you on that

day.. " He mumbled. My eyes widened. I smiled. " Of course I remember, how can I forget

something so important... " I mumbled. I looked at Naruto. He was blushing. " Pp...

Pwahahahahhaa " He laughed. " W-W-Whats so funny? " I asked. Naruto looked as though he

was going to die from laughing. His face was red. " Oh Geesh, I cant breathe. " He

mumbled. We arrived at a beach. " Huh? I thought we were going to the park... the one you

saved me at. " I mumbled. Naruto looked away. " What are you talking about? I never saved

you in the park. You remember. Haha you couldnt swim and I had to save you. Aww you were

so cute. Your crying face was priceless.. " He laughed. I looked down. " How could you

forget... " I mumbled. " Huh? You say something? " He asked. I looked up, tears welled up

in my eyes. Naruto's eyes widened. " Hi-Hinata? " He tried to comfort me. " It hurts you

know.... " I mumbled. " W-What hurts... I dont understand? " He said. " Forget it... lets

just have fun... Im going to put on my bathing suit. " I mumbled and wiped my tears. I

finished getting dressed and walked over to Onii-chan. He was laying down on a chair.

Gahh!! He looks so adorable. His skin looks so smooth. His abs were just.... ungh... w-

what am I thinking... I sighed. I love him so much I cant bring myself to hate him.

Suddenly, Onii-chan reached up and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me on top

of him. He started to grab my boobs. " Wow, they have gotten bigger... " He mumbled. He

kept squeezing them without thinking of what I feel. " Gahhh! S-Stop it! " I squealed and

jumped up. Onii-chan laughed. " Lets go in the water. " He said. I went into the water.

Its so cold!! " Oh hey look at her! " a voice whispered. " Yeah she has a nice body right.

" Big breast too. " " Come on.. " the voices said. I shook in fear. They took my shoulder

and turned me around. " Hey beautiful. Wanna hang with us? " the guy said. He looks drunk.

" Im sorry, p-please let me go. " I mumbled. " Aww come on dont be shy.. " the other guy

mumbled. He took hold of my waist and grabbed my wrist. " Come on... we just wanna play...

for a while.. " He whispered. " You reek of alcohol " I mumbled. Tears began running down

my cheeks. He started to forcibly drag me into the bathroom. " No!! Stop!! " I cried. "

GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER YOU BASTARD!! " a voice shouted. A strange guy came and kicked

the guy's face. He punched the other one. " Leave her alone... " He stared intensely into

their eyes. The guys ran in fear. I plopped on my knees and cried. " T-Thank you.. " I

whispered. As I looked up, my eyes widened. " Are you alright, Hinata. " he said. " Onii-

chan... " I mumbled. I hugged him tightly. Everyone stared. " Oh look what a cute couple..

" the people whispered. I blushed. He took my hand and dragged me over to a chair. He sat

me down and took out a tissue. " Every time I take my eyes off you, you always get

yourself in trouble... " He said as he wiped my face. " But Its my job... to keep you

safe.. " He mumbled. I blushed even harder. I wish I could just shout it out to the world,

IM IN LOVE WITH NARUTO ONII-CHAN. But I cant.... Naruto and I went in the water. " Hold on

let me get a drink, you can stay in the water if you want. " He said. I got out and dried

myself. As Naruto was getting his drink, girls began whispering. " Hey that guy is kinda

cute, right. " one girl whispered. " Yeah, I wouldnt mind if he was my boyfriend... I

wonder how old he is... " the girls started to approach him. I ran in front of them. "

What are you doing? " the girl said. " Get out of our way. " she demanded. I shook my

head. " Your going to talk to him right. " I said. " Oh so missy with the big boobs over

here thinks she could get with him. Your just some whore... a slut who sleeps around. "

they said. I gritted my teeth. " He has a girlfriend.. " I said. " Hmm? Really? Who? "

they asked. " M-Me... " I mumbled. " Haha sure yeahh... prove it.. " They demanded. I took

a deep breath and walked boldly over to Onii-chan. I tapped him on his shoulder. As he

turned around I quickly grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. The girls gasped. " Ugh!! "

They shouted and stomped away. I pulled away and opened my eyes. Naruto was staring at me.

" I-I-Im sorry!! " I said. Naruto blushed. He looked mad. He walked away without a word.

Why did.... I do that... ?? I put my hand on my lips. My first kiss... huh? I smiled.

After a while, it got late and we went home. Naruto changed and plopped on the couch. I

walked over to Naruto. " Onii-chan? " I asked. As I got closer, Naruto grabbed my arm and

threw me on the couch. He got on top of me. " W-What are you doing?? " I mumbled. He

started kissing my neck. " St-Stop.. " I mumbled. I didnt want this. I love him but this

is too sudden!! He started to unbutton my shirt and he kissed me forcibly on the lips

pinning me on the couch. I couldnt move. " I SAID STOP!! " I screamed and slapped him. "

See, this is how it feels when you take advantage of people. " He mumbled. " Y-You kissed

me and harassed me without even warning me... " I complained. " Yeah well you did the same

at the beach. Kissing me all of a sudden. We are siblings! Nothing more than that. " He

shouted. " I only did that to protect you!! Those girls were going to try and get with you

and I just.... " I whispered. " Why? What if I didnt mind... would you do that.. " He

said. He looked so angry. I started crying. " Im sorry, Onii-chan.... I know we are just

siblings... I know that well.. but it hurts.... it hurts.. because I love you.... not as a

brother but as a man. Im in love with you..... " I whispered. Naruto's eyes widened. "

Hinata... I love you... but only as a sister.. and besides... Im engaged... to Sakura....

" He mumbled. " W-What!! " I screamed. He sat down beside me and I buttoned up my shirt. "

Whens the wedding... " I mumbled. " 2 weeks. " He said. " Why didnt you tell me... " I

asked. " I was going to... today.. " He said. " Im not giving up... " I mumbled. " Huh? "

He said. " I love you more than anything. Im not giving up so easily. She doesnt deserve

you. I will make you fall in love with me!! " I yelled. Naruto's eyes widened. " Hinata,

face reality.. I could never..... love you... What would everyone else think huh? A

brother and sister... in love? Its wrong. Hinata stop loving me.... love someone else...

thats worth it.. " He mumbled. " No... I cant. You are the only one I could ever love!!

Naruto... dont marry Sakura... M-Marry me..... Please... " I said. Naruto turned away. "

No.... " He whispered. He walked away from me, he never turned back. He is slipping out of

my fingers. Is this the end?? The doorbell rang... I went to open it... there standing

there smiling was... Naruto's fiance Sakura!?

TO BE CONTINUED...........

NEXT: NaruHinaSasu: Onii-chan!! Chap. 5 Confession
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