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Chapter 2
Secret Exposed?!

" S-Sorry Naruto-kun... coming at such a late hour... " Sakura mumbled. She was shaking. I

hid behind the handles of the stairs, watching closely. Naruto took off his contacts and

put on his glasses. " Sakura.. what happened? " He asked. He gently put a blanket around

her. " I-I wanted to bring you my finished paperwork because it was due today but I got

sick. At first I started feeling better so I decided to walk here. I didnt expect it to

rain, thats how I got soaked. " Sakura said. Naruto pulled her in his arms and embraced

her. " Its alright, you can stay here for the night. First, you should take a hot bath.

Stay right there, Sakura. " He said and walked up the stairs. I panicked and tip toed

quickly into my room. As I saw him go in the bathroom, I ran down the stairs. " Oh...

Hinata.. " Sakura mumbled. " Hi Sakura... " I mumbled. Sakura gave me a devious look. "

Naruto is very kind isnt he. One day we are going to get married. " She mumbled. I gritted

my teeth. Hinata, calm down. You cant let her get to you. " Whats with that face? Do you

not like that I'm dating your brother? " She asked. " Hmmph " I crossed my arms and looked

away. Naruto came back downstairs. " Its ready " He smiled and showed her to the bathroom.

After that Naruto took her wet clothes and put them outside to dry. He came back in and

plopped on the couch. " O-Onii-chan... " I mumbled. " Hmm? What is it? " He asked. " Do

you.... love Sakura? " I asked. My heart was beating faster and faster. I was sure his

answer would be yes. " Im not sure... " He mumbled. My eyes widened. " W-What do you mean

your not sure? " I said. " Well Sakura is beautiful and all. At first I liked her but.. I

realized she isnt really my type.. " He mumbled. I turned away. I started smiling. I was

so relieved. " Onii-chan? What type of girl do you like? " I asked anxiously. " Well, I

love a girl who is kind, smart, and loves children. She loves me for me. She is kind to

everyone even people she doesnt like. I love a girl who has beautiful eyes that I can just

stare into, bringing me to a whole other world. " He mumbled dazing off. I held his cheeks

and turned his face to me. " W-What are you doing Hinata? " He asked. " How about... my

eyes... " I mumbled. Naruto laughed and smiled. He kissed me on the forehead. " You have

gorgeous eyes, Hinata. " He said. I blushed. " Thank you, Onii-chan. " I said. I glanced

up and saw Sakura staring at me. She wasnt too happy. " Hinata.. " Naruto said. " Yes? " I

replied. " There will be one day that you will fall in love with someone. Im guessing you

already have someone, right? He must be really lucky. My sister is beautiful kind and

funny. Any guy would be more than happy to be with you. Got that? So erm... whose the guy?

" Naruto said. My whole face turned bright red. " O-Onii-chan!! " I yelled embarrassed. "

Haha what I just wanted to know? " He said. I let out a sigh. I wasnt complainingby saying

his name it was just that I was so embaressed that I said his name in a way he would think

I was complaining. " Why? Why cant I just say it? " I mumbled to myself. " Huh? Did you

say something? " Naruto asked. " Ahhh! N-No ! " I shouted. I ran up to my room and closed

the door. I heard someone knock on the door. " C-Come in.. " I mumbled. Sakura walked in

and closed the door. " Your the last person I want to see. " I said. " Fiesty, huh? Well

listen here. I know your secret now. You have feelings for your brother. How pathetic. Do

you know even though you arent blodd related, he sees you as a little sister. Nothing

can  happen. If you confess, he will ignore you for the rest of his life. Thinking, my

sister is a perverted weirdo. Falling for her own brother? Get real... " Sakura said.

Tears started to fall down my cheeks. " So what? I love Onii-chan! Is that bad!? I know

that he doesnt understand my feelings! But so what!? I'm just happy that I can be with

him!! Im not going to let some hag like you take him away from me!! Your not even good

enough for him. Your a skank!! I can treat him much better than you ever will!! I

understand him more than anything!! You will just end up ruining his life!! " I shouted. "

Well, I like you rage. But whose fault is it that, he has to struggle... your existence is

ruining his life... " Sakura said with a devious smile. I started crying. " You bitch!! "

I yelled and pushed her as hard as I could against the wall. Naruto slammed the door open.

" What is going on!!! " He shouted. He ran to Sakura's side and picked her up. " Sakura?

What happened? " He asked. " I-I was trying to communicate with Hinata. Get to know

eachother and be friends. But she got mad a pushed me against the wall. " Sakura

complained. Naruto stared at me. " Hinata! What is the meaning of this?! " He yelled. I

closed my eyes. My body was numb, I was shaking. I clenched my fist. " WHY DO YOU ALWAYS

TAKE HER SIDE!! " I screamed. Naruto's eyes widened. " Onii-chan....... I- .... I HATE

YOU!!!! " I screamed. I took my bad and phone and ran out the door. " Hinata!! Where are

you going!? " He screamed. I kept running. I turned around, Naruto was standing there

staring at me next to Sakura. I kept going. I took out my phone and dialed Sasuke's

number. " Hello? " Sasuke said. " S-Sasuke... I need to spend the night at your house. I'm

coming now... " I said crying. " H-Hinata.. whats wrong? " He asked. " I'll tell you when

I get there!" I shouted and closed my phone. I finally got to Sasuke's house. I rang the

doorbell. Sasuke opened the door, I ran into his arms, knocking him to the floor. "

Sasuke.... " I mumbled , crying. " Hinata? What happened? " He asked. " I-I ran away... "

I mumbled. "W-Why? " He asked. " Wait first lets get you inside. Come, I'll make some tea.

" Sasuke said. I nodded and followed him up to his room. He brought in the tea and sat

down. " Now, what happened? " He asked. I told him all about what Naruto said about who he

liked and what Sakura had told me. I also explained why I ran away. " You told the love of

your life....that you hate him.... and he doesnt even know you actually love him...

Hinata... you baka. " Sasuke said and flicked my forehead. " Ow " I mumbled. " You should

go home and make it right. " Sasuke said. " No... I'll make it right tomorrow. Sakura is

staying over tonight. That girl gets on my nerves. " I mumbled. " Im guessing you and

Sakura are officially... love rivals... " Sasuke said. " Thats right! Im not going to lose

to her!! Onii-chan is mine... " I mumbled. Sasuke laughed. " Your such a child... " Sasuke

mumbled. " No Im not! " I shouted. I crawled over to Sasuke and stared at him. " Sasuke.

" I mumbled. Sasuke started blushing. " W-What? " He asked. " Arigatou " I said. Sasuke

smiled. I started to laugh. I crawled back. " Well, I'll take these. " Sasuke said as he

took the tea cups. " I'll be right back. " Sasuke said. " W-Wait let me hel-! " I shouted.

I ran towards Sasuke accidently tripping him. He dropped the tea cups which broke. I

landed on the floor. " O-Ow... " I mumbled. I opened my eyes. " Huh? S-S-S-Sasuke-kun! " I

squealed. Our faces were so close! Our faces turned red. " S-Sorry! " I said as I got up

and crawled in a corner. Sasuke laughed and quickly picked up the cups and went

downstairs. " How embarrassing... " I said under my breath. Brrring!! " Ahh, my phone... "

I mumbled. I took it out. " Onii-chan " It said. I slowly answered the call. " Hinata?

Hinata!? Are you there? Are you alright? " Naruto shouted. " ...... " I didnt want to

talk. " Hinata? Are you in any danger? " He asked. "N-No... " I mumbled. "Thank goodness.

Hinata, come home right now. You had me and Sakura worried! Where are you? " He demanded.

I was still mad. " Im at a friend's house. Dont come for me. Leave me alone, Onii-chan.

I'll come home tomorrow after school. " I said and ended the call. Sasuke came in the

room. " Who was that? " He asked. " My brother... " I mumbled. " What did you say? "

Sasuke asked. " I'll come home tomorrow after school... " I said. Sasuke nodded. " Well,

its been one hell of a day. Get some rest Hinata. " Sasuke said. He shut off the lights

and slipped into the futon. " Umm, Sasuke? " I whispered. " Yeah? " He asked. " Do we have

to sleep... in the same futon.. " I asked. " Oh sorry, here I'll sleep without it. "

Sasuke got out from  under the covers and took a blanket and pillow. He slept on the

floor. " T-Thats not what I meant... but... thanks Sasuke.. " I whispered. I fell asleep

at ease...

TO BE CONTINUED............

Next: NaruHinaSasu: Onii-chan!! Chap. 3 Love Rivals
Hope you like it

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