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Ever since mama and papa died, Naruto and I have been living alone in the house. At the

time, I was 13 years old. Naruto was 2 years older, for a 15 year old he tried everything

to help provide for us. He worked day and night, he would come home stressed out. He would

always say, " Its alright Hinata... Big bro is here for you. " Onii-chan has always helped

me. Once when I was 8, a group of elementary kids made fun of my eyes and hair. They

called me weird. I started to believe them, until Onii-chan came. " My sister is no

weirdo, she is unique in her own way. " He had said. Ever since that day, when the bullies

were gone and Naruto held out his hand, I felt something. My heart would beat so fast when

He would look at me with those gorgeous eyes. I don't think its wrong to love Onii-chan

more than a brother, because we arent related by blood. However, He only sees me as....

his little sister. Nothing more than that. Im scared to tell Naruto how I really feel. Its

been 8 years. Im now 16 years old. Im a 3rd year. Naruto graduated high school, and works

for a small buisness. Thats where he met.... Sakura Haruno. Before I knew it, she would

come over multiple times with Naruto. At first it was for work reasons, but it turned into

something else. They started dating. I was heart broken. I thought to myself... what if

Onii-chan marries Sakura? What if he leaves me here? I became a bit distant because of how

heartbroken I was. I cried myself to sleep, thinking Onii-chan could never look at me as

more than just a little sister. It could never happen. Thats when I realized my goal. I

didnt care if Naruto doesnt love me like I love him. The most important thing right

now.... is to tell him.... how I truly feel. But its not that easy, theres Sakura...

theres my shyness.... and Naruto is always busy.. I dont have much confidence, but I have

to tell him. Thats when I met Sasuke Uchiha. He became my best friend. I told him all

about my problem, I was happy he listened. At first he was a bit confused because... we

are siblings. As I told him we arent blood related, that still doesnt change the fact that

we are siblings. Though, that day Sasuke and I made a promise... He would help me along

the way... and would stay by my side till the end. It sounds corny but.... if Onii-chan

leaves... I need someone like him who could stay by my side and care for me like he did.

Honestly, I feel Sasuke is more of a big brother. Onii-chan, is someone I love deeply...

or should I say... I'm i-in love with him ....

Chapter 1
Onii-chan and Me

" Onii-chan!! Wake up! " I shouted. I stormed into his room. " Hmm, Hinata? " He mumbled.

He pulled me into his arms. I started to blush. " O-onii-chan what are you do--? " I

whispered. " Hmm, give big bro a hug.. " He mumbled. Argh, he is still half asleep. I

broke out of his arms and pulled his blanket. " Onii-chan! Get up! " I shouted. " Hmm...

Okay okay... " He mumbled. Naruto took his glasses and put them on. He smiled and patted

my head. " Hinata, Thank you. Get ready now. " He mumbled. He had such a kind and gentle

smile. " Haii! " I said. I went to my room to get dressed. Onii-chan was already

downstairs making breakfast. I ran down the stairs with my bag. " Whats for breakfast? " I

asked. Naruto smiled. " Toast, bacon, and eggs. " He said. " Yummy! " I said. I sat down

and started eating my breakfast. " Onii-chan... " I mumbled. " Hmm? What is it? " He

asked. " Arent you going to.... put some pants on? " I asked pointing at his boxers. "

Gahh! " He shouted as he ran up the stairs blushing. " Hahaha " I laughed. " Alright Im

good! " He shouted. " Onii-chan... dont forget to put on your contacts! " I shouted. " Oh

crap! Thanks Hinata! " He shouted. I giggled. Its nice to be like this. I wish it could

stay like this forever... Naruto ran down the stairs and took his brief case. " Hinata. Do

you want me to take you to school? " He asked. " No. Im walking to school with Sasuke-kun.

" I said. " Sasuke-kun? Is he your boyfriend? " Onii-chan asked. " N-No!! He isnt! He is

just a friend... " I shouted. " Haha, alright... whatever you say. " He said as he got

into the car. Great... now he thinks that Sasuke is my boyfriend. Im supposed to confess

to him... this isnt helping at all. " Alright, Hinata. Have a great day. Dont forget,

today Sakura-chan is coming over for dinner. " He shouted as he drove away. I just smiled

and waved. After he left, I started walking over to Sasuke's house. " Ptt.. why does

Sakura have to come today.. " I mumbled. I arrived at Sasuke's house. " Sasuke-kun!! Come

on! " I shouted. I waited for a few minutes, when I saw Sasuke running out the door with

toast in his mouth. " C'mo-n Le's go! " He said. I rolled my eyes and smiled. " Sasuke,

eat the bread already.. " I said. He went over to his motorcycle and pulled it out. He ate

the bread and walked over to me. " Get on! " He said. " Ermm... Im not good with

motorcycles... "  mumbled. " Dont worry, just hold on to me.... " He mumbled. I bravely

got on and wrapped my arms around his waist. " T-This is embarrassing... " I mumbled,

blushing. Sasuke laughed and drove off. " Ahhh! Sasuke! Dont go so fast! " I shouted. He

just kept laughing. Actually, It was really fun. The breeze brushed my face. The sun was

shining, the lake by the bridge sparkled. We past by gardens, beautiful flowers blooming.

" Wow.. " I mumbled. We arrived at school. " Gahh! We might be late for the opening

ceremony.. " I said. I got off the bike and ran into the gym. " Hinata, wait for me! "

Sasuke shouted. Luckily, we got there on time. After the ceremony, class started. " Sasuke

are you in class B-3? " I asked. " No... but Im in your history class. But we will see

eachother in P.E. and in the cafeteria.. and after school. So dont worry. You'll make lots

of friends, Hinata.. " Sasuke said. I nodded. " Okay! " I shouted. " alright, wheres B-

3... B-3... B-- " I mumbled. " Unff! " I walked right into someone. " I-Im so sorry... " I

said. " Hey look... " a voice said. I looked up. Oh no.. its a group of guys. S-Scary

looking guys.. " Look what we have here. " one of the guys said. He cornered me and

slammed his arm on the wall. He looked into my eyes. His hair was white and his eyes were

golden yellow. " Whats your name? " He asked. I looked away and crossed my arms. I boldly

started walking away. The guy grabbed my shoulder and viciously turned me around. He

pinned my arms on the wall and stared into my eyes. He looked up and down. " Im Akihito..

I'm in class B-3 also. " He said. My eyes widened. " L-Let go of me.. " I mumbled as I

struggled to get out. " Hinata... Uzumaki... neh? " He said. " Your brother is Naruto

Uzumaki... " He smiled. " H-How do you know Onii-chan.. " I asked. He let go of my arms

and leaned against the wall with is hands in his pockets. " Guys leave " He commanded. The

guys left without a word. He stared at me. He gave me a devious smile and held my chin. "

Hinata, someday.. I'll " have " you... " He whispered. He laughed and walked away. I stood

there frozen. " Wh-what? " I mumbled. The bell rang. " Oh no! I gotta get to class.. b-

but where do I go?! " I shouted. I finally found B-3. I breathed heavily. After class, it

was lunch. As I took out my bento, I stared at it and started to fantasize. " Onii-chan..

here I put all my love into your box lunch. I-I hope you like it.. " I said. Naruto

blushed and held me tight. " Hinata.. I love you.. " He whispered and kissed me. I started

to get a nosebleed. I started laughing like a creep. Everyone stared at me. " Hinata...

What the hell are you doing? " a voice asked. "Gahh! " I shouted. I snapped back into

reality. " S-Sorry... " I mumbled. Sasuke rolled his eyes. " Come on... " He said. We

walked up to the roof. " Wow, you have it all set out huh? " I said. We sat down and

started to eat. " Hinata, Whats your plan? " He asked. " Well, Im not sure.. Im pretty shy

and plus.. Naruto has a girlfriend.. She is so much prettier than me.. " I mumbled. Sasuke

laughed. " I'll be the judge of that. Honestly, I havent met anyone more beautiful than

you. " He smiled. I blushed. " Aww.. thanks Sasuke-kun. " I mumbled. He laughed. "

Anyways.. they have been dating for 3 months now. Naruto really likes her. I dont know how

Im going to confess! " I shouted. I heard the door creek. " Uhh! S-Sorry! " a voice

squealed. I turned around. " Huh? N-No its alright. Who are you? " I asked. " Ayumi

Furuchi. Class B-2 " She mumbled. She had long red hair and green eyes. She is so pretty.

" May I ? " She asked. " Of course.. " I mumbled. Sasuke was staring at her the whole

time. " Sasuke? " I asked. " Huh what... " He mumbled. " Hmm... " I gave him a devious

smile. " Sasuke.... you were staring at her werent you.. " I said. " Huh? What N-No! " He

shouted. Ayumi giggled. " Wow.. I've never had friends who were a lively as you guys. Or

should I say never had many friends in the first place... " Ayumi mumbled. " Its alright..

we're your friends now! " I shouted. We ate and talked until the bell rang. Time went by

fast, school was over. " Hinata come  on. " Sasuke said. I ran up to him. " Hi Hinata-

chan, Hi Sasuke-kun. " Ayumi said. We waved. " Are you walking home? " I asked. She shook

her head. " My dad is picking me up. " She replied. " Ahh there he is now. See you

tomorrow! " She said and waved goodbye. " She is really nice, eh? " I said. " See.. "

Sasuke mumbled. " Hmm? See what? " I asked. " You made a friend " He mumbled. " Yeah.. I

guess I did. Thanks, Sasuke-kun. " I mumbled as I dozed off. " Hinata-chan? " Sasuke

mumbled. He turned behind and smiled. " Falling asleep on me eh? " He said. He started to

drive off. My arms were tightly wrapped around him. " Hey, Hinata.. " He mumbled. " Hmm? "

I said half asleep. " I **** *** " Sasuke said. " Huh did you say something? " I opened my

eyes. Sasuke was blushing. " N-No! " He shouted. " No you said something! " I shouted. "

Nothing! " He said. We finally arrived at my house. " Good luck. " Sasuke said. I nodded

and waved goodbye. I walked inside. " Im home! " I shouted. " Onii-chan? " I asked. " Oh

Hinata. How was your day? " He asked. " G-Great.. " I mumbled. " You meet anyone new

today.. " He asked. " Yeah. Ayumi and.... Akihito. " I said. Naruto turned to me

concerned. " Why the long pause? Whose Akihito? " He asked. " N-Nothing.. I'll get ready

now for Sakura to come over. " I mumbled. " Oh no need. Sakura is sick today. She cant

come over. " Naruto said. I felt relieved. I walked over to Naruto, who was watching tv on

the couch. " Onii-chan. " I mumbled. " Hmm? " He said. I went behind the couch. " Get up

for a second. " I mumbled. Naruto got up. " Hmm? what is it? " He asked. " Bend down.. " I

demanded. Naruto did what I said. Chu~~ I kissed him on the cheek. " I love you, Onii-

chan. " I said boldly. Naruto smiled and patted my head. " I love you too, Lil Sis. " He

said. I frowned. I gathered up all of my courage and said it. I cant believe I wasted such

a moment. I went to take a long bath. As I washed my legs, I slumped into the water. What

if I said.. his first name... " N-Naru-- " I had a hard time saying it. I blushed

everytime. " Naruto-kun! " I whispered. I sighed. " Phew... but how do I say it to his

face. " I mumbled. I started to practice. " Naruto-k-un.. I know you only think of me as a

little sister but.. Im... i-in love with you.. " I whispered to myself. Thats it! Thats

what I have to say to him. Though, its so embarrassing! I let out a sigh. I need a

plan....... After I was done taking a shower. I quickly put on my pjs and blowed out my

hair. I walked down the stairs when I heard a knock on the door. " Who could that be? "

Naruto said. He walked up to the door and opened it. There soaked and wet, was no other

than.... Sakura... Haruno.... I clenched my shirt. " Why is sh-she here? " I mumbled.

TO BE CONTINUED...............

Next: NaruHinaSasu: Onii-chan!! Chap. 2 Secret Exposed?!
Hope you like it <3


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